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    Aluminum & alloy rods and extended products

    HENGTONG is specialized in manufacture and development of aluminum & alloy rods and the extended products, including enameled wires, welding wires, fasteners, shielded wires, condensers, conductors, etc., which can be applied to the fields of locomotives, condensers, ship domain, overhead transmission and so many other fields. According to our manufacture and experience in the field of aluminum & alloy materials and their extended product, and with the supporting of our national technology center. Hengtong has established a technical assurance system that based on the advanced standards of GB, IEC, ASTM, EN, AS and so on.

    Relying on the national talents and international first-class production equipment Italy PROPERZI Continuous Casting and Rolling Production line and aluminum & alloy rod production lines and test equipment German SPECTRO spectrum analyzer, German ZEISS metallographic microscope, 50T horizontal tensile testing equipment, which ensure our industrial advantages in innovation, production capacity, quality control and other aspects make our products safe, especially stable and reliable. Besides, Hengtong has formed special alloy pole material research and development production technology, product design development manufacturing technology, and product technology of system solutions, toward the goal of industry leader stride forward.

    What do we produce? 

    A2-X aluminum rod for electrical purpose

    Copper-clad aluminum enameled wire

    Aluminum enameled wire

    HMS aluminum alloy rod

    Copper clad aluminum alloy wire (CCAA or CCAAT)

    Aluminum-magnesium alloy wire

    4043 aluminum alloy rod

    5356 aluminum alloy rod

    Aluminum-silicon alloy welding wire (ER4043)

    Aluminum alloy welding wire containing 5% of magnesium (ER5356)

    6061 aluminum alloy rod

    6056 aluminum alloy rod

    7075 aluminum alloy rod

    Aluminum fastener

    A2-J aluminum rod 

    1100 aluminum rod

    Condenser pipe

    1350 aluminum rod for electrical purpose

    1120 aluminum alloy rod

    6201 aluminum alloy for electrical purpose

    6101 aluminum alloy for electrical purpose

    Thermal-resistant aluminum alloy rod


    Production Factory

    • SUS Tube Machine
      SUS Tube Machine
    • SUS Tube Machine
      Drawing Machine
    • SUS Tube Machine
      Stranding Machine Stranding Machine

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    HENGTONG, making the best of its advantages on the brand, marketing, technologies, equipment, management and the it’s team, proposes the first comprehensive application solution on wire & cables in the industry, thus realizing the transition from providing single product to offering technical solutions. At present, HENGTONG offers several solutions adapted to the specific necessities of our clients.

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